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Apple unveils cheaper watch, new iPad and fitness service

16.09.20, 06:11

Apple has unveiled a lower-cost version of its popular smart watch and expanded health-tracking features, including a blood oxygen tracker and an altimeter.

The technology company announced the latest round of updates to the Apple Watch at a slimmed-down Apple, Google remove Fortnite from app stores... 05:25

New iPad

Apple also announced updates to its iPad. Notable new features include a handwriting-recognition feature called Smart Selection that allows users to jot notes into any text field using the Apple Pencil accessory, and dual-speaker audio in landscape mode when the iPad is turned horizontally.

The new iPad Air 4, also unveiled today, will have a slightly bigger screen since it's losing its home button. Touch ID, which unlocks the device by recognizing a fingerprint, will be integrated into the iPad's top button. It will also have a USB-C connection instead of a lightening port, something Apple's laptops and iPad Pro already use, CNET reports.

The entry-level iPad model costs $329, while the iPad Air starts at $599.

The new iPad and Apple Watch will also include more recycled components. Apple already uses recycled aluminum in its products; the next generation of tech will also use recycled soldered tin and recycled rare earth elements.

New iOS

Apple will also unroll its new operating system, iOS 14, on Wednesday. However, one widely anticipated feature — an anti-tracking system — will be missing. Apple delayed the anti-tracking features of the operating system soon after Facebook complained that the features would hamper its ability to serve targeted ads to people.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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